Setting up food parcels for packing and delivery

The following guide will take you through the steps on how to set up a parcel ready to be packed and delivered by one of your volunteers.

The steps below are for creating a parcel when you are using the option to scan individual items. If you are looking for the steps on how to create a parcel with a list of categories instead, click here.

1. Navigate to

2. On the dashboard in MyFoodbank.Online, click “Parcels”

3. Then select “Parcel List”

4. This is where you can view a list of any parcels that have already been set up. To add a new parcel, click “Add Parcels”

5. You can now start selecting the different options for your parcel. Under the Choose Parcel drop down you can choose whether you are setting up a ‘Food Parcel’ or a ‘Combined parcel’. Combined parcels include other items, such as toiletries or other items that do not feed into the food stock category.

6. If you have already set up a Standard parcel (read more about how to do that here) you can select the “Standard parcel” option from the Choose Parcel Type drop down. If you are setting up a list of items from scratch, then select the “Bespoke Parcel” option.

The “Anonymous parcel” type is for a parcel that is not going to a family within your records.

7. You can then set the date that this parcel needs to be packed on.

8. You can also set the date this parcel needs to be delivered on.

9. It is not necessary to select a packer volunteer or delivery volunteer for the parcel, but you can do so here. The list of volunteers available for you to select from to pack and deliver the parcels will depend on who is available on the dates selected in the previous steps.

10. You can enter any notes needed for the parcel in the Special Notes section, and as long as the parcel is not an Anonymous one, you can then select the Family that it is for.

11. If you are setting up a Bespoke Parcel, or wish to add any items to a standard parcel, you can start selecting the food items here.

12 .Once you have selected the item, Click the “Add” button. Repeat for as many additional items you need to add to the parcel.

13. If your foodbank needs to reference the weight of items and parcels, you can enter that in the box shown below.

14 .When you are happy with the parcel, click “Save”.

NB: If you have assigned this parcel to any volunteers, they will receive a notification in their app that it has been assigned to them, and will appear on the “Assigned” list for their shift on the day it is to be packed. If you did not select any volunteers for packing and delivery, it will appear in the “Unassigned” list under the “My Shift” tab on the app for all volunteers. If a volunteer that has been assigned a parcel is unable to pack or deliver that parcel, they can reject it from the “Assigned” list. If a volunteer has rejected a parcel, you will receive a notification email and the parcel will be moved to the “Unassigned” list for any other volunteers who are available to accept.

If your volunteers are not using the app to mark their assigned parcels as packed, or you need to mark a large quantity as packed/delivered, you can do this from the parcel list.

15. Select any parcels that need to be marked as packed by clicking this checkbox.

16. Then click the “Mark as packed” button at the top of the page.

17. To mark the parcels as Delivered, you can select any from the list again by using the checkbox.

18. Then click “Mark as delivered”.

19. If you need to view or edit any pending parcels, you can click on the buttons in the Action column to do so.