Getting Started

Setting up a new volunteer and their login details

Potential volunteers are able to register themselves as volunteers for your foodbank on your foodbank website, but there may be occasions where you will need to set up a volunteer and their login details for the app yourself.

The steps below will help guide you through this process.

1. Navigate to

2. Click the “Volunteers” menu option.

3. Click “Volunteer List”

4. This will take you to a list of your existing volunteers. To set up a new volunteer, click the Add New button at the top right of the screen.

5. Starting with the “First Name” field enter the volunteer’s name and other details such as last name, email, and contact number.

6. You can add a profile picture for the volunteer by clicking the Choose File button next to the profile picture option. The volunteer can add their own profile picture in their account once they have received their login details.

7. You will need to add a Valid ID, which you can add by clicking the Choose file button shown below.

8. You can then select whether they are volunteering for Packing, Delivery, or both.

9. You can also select whether this volunteer is for an individual person or for a couple.

10. If the volunteer has told you any other ways that they may be able to help, you can add this into the “How else can you help?” field. This will then appear on their record.

11. Enter today’s date in the “Date Added” field.

12. If you want to volunteer to be able to scan and manage stock using the app, make sure to tick the ‘Manage stock via the app’ tick box.

13. You can tick the box shown below if a DBS check is required. (CHANGE OF IMAGE NEEDED)

14. If the DBS check is been completed, you can tick the box shown below. If not, leave this unchecked, as it is something that can be amended on the volunteers record at a later date.

15. If you have ticked to say that you have completed the DBS check, you will then get two date boxes and enter the date that the DBS check needs to be reviewed.

16. Then, enter the date that the volunteer was approved below it.

17. Fill in the volunteers postcode and address details. You can use the lookup button to find an address based on a postcode. If you do not have their address details you can also use the foodbank address.

18. You can then set up the login details that the volunteer can use to sign into their account in the app and at

19. Set up a Password question and answer if the volunteer forgets their password.

NB:The volunteer is able to change both their password and password question/answer in their profile section once they have logged in to their account at

20. Once you have filled in all of the details for the volunteer, you can click the save button. Clicking ‘Save and send’ will save the volunteer, and send them an email with their login details.