Getting Started

Scanning Stock

Volunteers can use the MyFoodbank.Online app to scan food and other items, adding them to the stock list for their foodbank. You are able to scan items individually, or use the categories function to scan category QR codes and update the stock list from there. You can read more about creating categories here.

In order to start scanning stock, you need to first of all sign into your volunteer account on our app. You can either have the Packing or Delivery option selected on the Homepage shown below, both will allow you to start scanning stock.

Open up the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the app.

You can then select the “Food Stock” option, which will take you to a list of all food items you have in stock.

To start scanning food items, click the “+” icon in the top right corner of the app.

If you are scanning food items individually rather than in categories, you can then click the barcode icon shown below to open the scanner.

You can scan the barcode of the item on the camera that pops up. If the barcode will not scan, you can also type in the barcode into the box shown here to find the item.

You can then update the quantity of the item, the unit (for example, can, jar etc) and price if applicable to your Foodbank. Once you are happy with the stock item, you can click submit to save it to your stocklist.

If you are using categories, you can switch on the category scanning section using the switch shown in the image below in the top right of the app.

There are two ways to update the stock amount for a category. The first way is to select the category from the drop down menu that you wish to update.

You can also scan the QR code. Click on the QR code icon in the top right corner of the app to open the Scanner.

If you have printed the QR codes to be scanned for easy access in your stockroom, you can then scan the relevant QR code.

Once the QR code has been scanned, the information for the category will appear in the app. You can fill in the amount you wish to update the stock list in the Quantity section. 

When you are happy with the information you have filled in, click the Submit button to update it to the stock list.