Food Parcels

Packing Parcels

Through the use of the MyFoodbank.Online app, you can view the parcels that have been assigned for you to pack each day by your Foodbank Administrator. The app will show you a list of the parcels for that day, as well as what items to include in that particular parcel.

If you are a Packing and Delivery volunteer, you can select the Packing option from the homepage of the app. It will already be selected as the only option if you are just a Packing volunteer.

Select the menu option by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the app. Then select the “My Shift” option from the menu.

You will then see a list of all the parcels ready for you to pack that day. You can select the parcel that you wish to start packing by clicking on it from the list.

This will then show the details of the parcel, including the family that it is for as well as all of the items that you need to pack.  You can tick each item from the list as it is packed.

You can enter any special notes, and if your foodbank refers to the weight of stock you can also enter the weight of the parcel. When you have completed packing the parcel, click the “Packing complete” button at the bottom of the app. 

This will mark the parcel as packed, and ready for collection or delivery. If it has been assigned to a delivery driver already, once you have marked it as packed it will appear in their list of deliveries. If you want to read more about the delivery section of the app, you can do so here.