Getting Started

Managing your volunteer profile

The guide below will assist you with managing your volunteer profile, with things such as viewing your parcels (outside of the app), changing your password and setting your availability schedule.

1. Login with your volunteer user account details at at

2. You will then find yourself on the Volunteer dashboard.

3. Your next shift date will be displayed here.

4. You can also see an overview of your shifts. If your organisation has their own awards system, you will see that below.

5. You can also view any parcels that are pending or historic.

6. Clicking on the “Packing List” menu option will take you to another place to view pending or historic parcels.

7. You can change the status (Pending, Packed, Delivered) here.

8. Click “Back” to return to the dashboard.

9. To change your contact details, password, and availability for shifts, click on the “My Profile” menu option from the dashboard.

10. You can set a profile picture for yourself here.

11. You can also upload any form of ID by clicking here, or view your ID document by clicking on the “View Document” button below it.

12. You can set whether your account is for an individual or a couple in this dropdown.

13. You will either have been assigned a “Packing” volunteer, a “Delivery” volunteer, or a “Packing & Delivery” volunteer. You can change this here if necessary.

14. You can enter your address details in the section shown below.

15. If you would like to reset your password, click this checkbox.

16. The Password section will then drop down for you to fill in with your new password, and a new Password Question and Answer.

17. To set your availability for possible shifts, click on the “Availability” checkbox.

18. You can then set the days of the week you are available, and the times on those days. The foodbank admin will not be able to assign parcels to be packed or delivered by you outside of these hours.

19. If you know you will only be available on these days for a certain time period, you can enter this date range in the the “From Date” and “To Date” boxes.

20. If this is a weekly availability or only happens every few weeks, you can set this here.

21. You can simply click on the checkboxes for each date that you have availability for.

22. You can either set your availability as All Day on the selected dates, or set a specific time range by clicking on the “From” check box.

23. Then fill in the hours that you are available between.

24. When you are happy with your availability schedule, click save.

NB: You can repeat the same process after clicking the “Unavailability” checkbox to add any temporary or long term periods of unavailability. You can use this to add any holidays to your schedule.

25. You will then see your schedule at the bottom of your profile page. Any periods of availability will be automatically displayed here.

26. Click “Availability”

27. If you want to see any periods of unavailability, you can change the selection in this drop down menu.

28. You can also remove any periods of availability or unavailability by clicking on the “Delete” button next to them.

NB: As previously mentioned, your foodbank’s administrator will not be able to assign any parcels to you unless you are marked as available. They will also be able to see your availability schedule on your volunteer profile when they log in.