Getting Started

Managing your Foodbank Homepage

In MyFoodBank.Online, you are able to set up a homepage for your foodbank to welcome any supporters.

You can include information about your foodbank, photos for visitors to meet the people behind the scenes and links to your other social media pages. If you have a Stripe account, you can link it here to include a Donate button on the website for visitors to make donations directly to your Foodbank. The steps to help you set up this homepage are below.

1. Navigate to

2. On the homepage for MyFoodbank.Online, click “Manage Website”

3. To first of all start customising the look and main text on your website, click “Home Page”. If you would like to customise the settings first, go to step 10.

4. You can change your website’s logo image by clicking here.

5. Your home page allows up to two banner images that will scroll between one another. Click here to upload them.

6. Below the banner image selection, you can enter text over the top of each image. You can enter a title for the first banner here.

7. Below that, you can enter any text you wish to appear on the banner beneath the title in the ‘Banner content’ box. If you have two banner images, another Banner Title and Banner Content box will appear beneath the first two for you to enter any further information in for the second image.

8. You can then enter any further information about your foodbank into the ‘Page content’ box. This will appear above the donate button if you include one on your website. You can also choose another image to appear on the page below your banners.

9. Once you are happy with your selection, click the save button at the bottom of the page.

10. To change further settings of your foodbank, such as links that are included and donation buttons, select the Manage website menu option at the top of the page again.

11. Then click “Settings”.

12. You can enter your Charity Number here.

13. You can then enter any links to any of your Foodbank’s social media pages in the boxes in the Social Media URLs section.

14. If you have a stripe account that you wish to connect to your foodbank, you can tick the box below. This will enable a Donate button that visitors to your homepage can click on to make donations directly to your foodbank.

15. Ticking the box above will then drop down several boxes for you to enter your Secret Key, Published key, and Webhook key to link your Stripe account to These can all be obtained from your Stripe account.

16. You can set the transaction fee for any donations made using the donation button below. You can set a percentage charged per donation in the box shown below

17. Or, if the amount charged per donation is a fixed amount, you can enter this in the alternative box here.

18. You can set the opening and closing times for the foodbank in this section. This is what will be shown on the website for any visitors.

19. If there are any days of the week that the foodbank does not open to the public, you can mark it as closed by checking the tickbox below.

20. Once you are happy with your selections, click the save button.

21. If you want to view your website, you can then click the preview button at the top of the settings page.