Food Parcels

Managing Shifts

The MyFoodbank.Online App allows you to view any parcels that have been assigned to you for packing and delivery. You can see what you need to pack for that day, or reject any parcels you know you will not be able to pack or deliver. The following guide will show you how to view, reject and accept parcels for your shift.

Firstly, you will need to select what type of voluntary work you will be doing today to see your shifts. If you have only been assigned one type of work, you will only see that one displayed on the homepage of the app when you log in. If you have been set to both a Packing and Delivery volunteer, both will be displayed and you can select the appropriate choice for the day by clicking on it as shown below.

Then, you can select the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of the app screen. You will then see the main menu. Select the ‘My Shift’ option from the menu.

You will see the “Unassigned” and “Assigned” menu options at the top of the app. To see your assigned parcels for that day, click the “Assigned” option. Any parcels your foodbank administrator has assigned to you will appear in the list below.

If you are unable to pack any of the parcels, click the red “Decline” button next to them.

You will then have to submit the reason for having to decline this shift. This will then be sent in a notification to alert the foodbank administrator that the parcel is now unassigned.

Any parcels that have been declined will then appear in the “Unassigned” tab, ready for any other available volunteers to accept. If you are able to accept any other parcels while you are working, you can click on the Unassigned tab, and then select the green “Accept” button. This will add the parcel to your list under the “My Shift” menu option if you are working as a Packing volunteer, or under the “Today’s List” menu option if you are working as a Delivery volunteer.