Getting Started

Foodbank Settings

You can adjust general settings for your foodbank, such as logo, contact details and referral limits by following the steps below.

1. Navigate to

2. Log in to MyFoodbank.Online.

3. Click on the “Admin” menu at the top of the screen.

4.Click “Settings”.

5. To upload a logo for your foodbank which will be visible at the top of any page while you are logged into MyFoodbank.Online, click here.

6. You can also upload an image to appear on the dashboard by clicking here.

7. You are able to include feedbank forms in parcels for families to fill in. To manage the content of the feedback form, and any questions included, click here.

8. This will take you to a page where you can add questions to your feedback forms. To add a new question, click the “Add New” button.

9. You can enter the question here.

10. This dropdown will allow you to select the type of answer that the family can provide. For example:

Numeric – The family can answer with a number

Date – The family can enter a date as the answer

List – Will allow you to create a multiple choice list for the family to choose from (e.g. option x, option y)

Logical – Yes or No

11. You can also assign the answer that will appear by default when the family is filling in the form by entering it into the “Default value” box.

12. When you have completed the question, click the save button to save it to the feedback form.

13. You can edit or delete a question by clicking on the buttons from the Actions column.

14. Potential donors, volunteers, referrers and families can register on your website homepage. You can also access the links for these registration forms by clicking here.

15. If you want to add any further notes for the foodbank, you can do so in the box shown below.

16. You can edit the email for the contact details here.

17. You can edit the phone number for the foodbank here.

18. If you would like set a limit for the number of referrals an agency can make in a day, you can do so here.

19. Once you have set the limit in the box above, tick the box labelled “Stop referrals being submitted when the limit has been reached.”.

20. You can also enter a parcel limit in the box shown below.

21. If you would like to set a certain quantity of stock to be the minimum that you need, you can enter the number in the box shown below. When the quantity of any stock item drops below this number, they will appear in the low stock items list.

22. If you want a notification when loading into the Dashboard when there are new low stock items, you can tick the box shown below.

23. If you would like to receive a notification on the dashboard when the foodbank has reached its limit of referrals, you can tick this box.

24. When you are happy with your settings, click “Save”