Delivery and Collection

The MyFoodbank.Online app helps you handle your assigned deliveries for the day as well as creating optimised delivery routes. The guide below shows you how to use the app to help you with your work.

If you are a Packing and Delivery volunteer, you will first of all need to select the Delivery option from the Homepage. If your account is for deliveries only, this will already be selected.

Open up the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the app. You can then select the “My Delivery” option to see a list of the deliveries you have been assigned for the day.

This will then give you a list of all of your deliveries. You can see the details of any delivery by selecting it from the list.

You can view the family name, the items included, and the address by clicking on the address label button.

If you have delivered a parcel, you can also mark it as delivered at the bottom of the screen. You can also mark it as “Undelivered” if you were unable to deliver it on your route, or “Refused” if the family did not want or need the parcel.

The app also creates an optimised route for your deliveries that day. To utilise this, return to the main menu and select the “Today’s list” option.

The app will work out the most efficient route to take for your deliveries, from your current location. It will list them in order. You can click on each delivery listed and it will take you through to the Maps app to use as GPS to help you get to your location.