Getting Started

Creating User Accounts

This guide will help you set up user accounts for other members of the foodbank staff who require access to the website

You can create user accounts for them as well as limit their access to specific menu options.

1. Navigate to

2. Go to the “Dashboard”

3. Click the “Admin” menu.

4. Under the “Users & Security” section you will see a Users option, which will take you to the page for User creation, and the Custom Roles option, which will allow you to create a role which you can assign to a user to limit their access to specific areas of the program.

5. If you wish to restrict access for the user that you are about to create, select the custom roles option first. If not, go to step 17.

6. To create a new custom role once you are on the Roles & Permissions page, click “Add New”.

7. You can enter a name for the custom role here.

8. You can also add a description. If you are happy with the custom role, click the Save button.

9. Should you need to edit the name and description, or delete a custom role, you can select these options from the action column.

10. To restrict access to certain menu options and pages for a custom role, click the “Edit Foodbank Permission” button.

11. You can then tick any menu options that you would like this custom role to have access to.

12. When you are happy with your selection, click “Save”.

13. To create a user, click on the “Admin” menu from the top of the screen again.

14. This time, select the “Users” option.

15. Click the “Add New” button to start setting up a new user account.

16. If you have created a specific custom role to restrict access for this user, click on the “Main Role” drop down menu and select “Custom Role”.

If you do not need to restrict access to the user, and would like to give them access as another administrator, choose the “Foodbank” option.

17. If you have selected the Custom Role option, you can then select the custom role that you have created from the drop down menu here.

18. You can then fill in the general info for the user, such as their name, a username that they will use to log into the website with, and their contact details.

19. Fill in their address details. If you do not have them, you can always use the Foodbank’s address until they update their own details on their profile if they choose to.

20. You can then create a password that they can use to log into their account with. Once they have logged into their account, they can change their password under their profile settings.

21. When you have entered all of the necessary information for the new user, you can click the Save button.

If you select the ‘Save and send’ option, this will send the user their new login details and directions to access the website.