Food Parcels

Creating a Standard Parcel (Individual food items)

If you have food parcels that regularly use the exact same items, you are able to create different ‘Standard Parcels’ in MyFoodBank.Online. These Standard Parcels will help speed up the process of creating parcels by recalling all the food items you have preselected, meaning that you do not need to select the same food items over and over again when setting up parcels for your families.

Follow the steps below to create a Standard Parcel in MyFoodbank.Online.

1. Navigate to

2. On the dashboard, click the Parcels menu option.

3. Click “Standard Parcels”

4. On the Parcels page, click “Add Parcel Type”

5. Enter a name for the Standard Parcel type in the ‘Title’ box. For example, ‘Single Parcel’ to be used for a family of one person.

6. You can then begin to select the food items that you want to be included within this particular parcel type by clicking the ‘Choose Food Items’ drop down menu.

7. Click here.

8. You can set how many of a particular item you want to include in this parcel type in the Quantity box.

9. Click the Add button to add that food item. Repeat for as many different food items you wish to include.

10. If you are using the option in your foodbank to track the weight of parcels, you can enter an estimated weight here.

11. Click “Save” when you are happy with the parcel type you have created.

12. Click “Parcels”

13. Click “Parcel List”

14. Click “Add Parcels”

15. Click this dropdown.

16. When you are adding a new parcel to be packed, you can then select “Standard Parcel” from the Choose Parcel Type drop down menu.

17. You will then be able to select the new Parcel Type that you have created from the Standard Parcel Drop down menu here.

18. Fill in the rest of the information for the parcel, such as the Packing/Delivery date and the Family. You will see below that the list of food items to be included in the parcel has been updated with everything included in the standard parcel that you have set up.

You are also able to add any additional food items or take any away if necessary for a particular family.

19. Click “Save” when you are happy with the parcel.