Food Parcels

Creating a Recipe

The ‘Recipes’ facility can be used to record a recipe within the system using stock that is within your foodbank.

A recipe can be added to a parcel to automatically add the stock from the recipe to it, and the recipe itself along with any cooking instructions that you include will be added to the packing slip that you include within the parcel. You can follow the steps below to find out how to set up a recipe within MyFoodbank.Online

1. Navigate to
2. Click the “Admin” menu option.

3. Click the “Recipe” facility within the Admin menu.

4. Click the “Add Recipe” button.

5. Give the recipe a name in the “Title” field.

6. If the recipe requires cooking, you can tick the box shown below. If not, leave it unchecked.

7. You can include any instructions for the recipe in the “Cooking instructions” field. This will be visible to the family when they scan the QR code on the packing slip within their parcel.

8. Enter a suggested serving for the recipe in the box shown below.

9. If you wish to limit the ingredients you are able to select to only those that are in stock within your foodbank, tick the box shown below.

10. You can then begin adding ingredients to your recipe. Click the Choose Ingredients drop down menu to select the first ingredient.

11. You can enter the measurement for the ingredient that should be used in the recipe in the “Amount of item” field.

12. The ‘Quantity for packing’ box can be used to enter the amount of a particular item that needs to be packed in a parcel. For example, a recipe may only require 2 eggs, but you would enter 1 (carton) in the quantity for packing to make sure they have enough.

13. When you are happy with the details of the ingredient, click “Add”. Continue posting the rest of the ingredients for the recipe in the same way.

Continue posting the rest of the ingredients for the recipe in the same way.

14. When you have finished adding all of the ingredients to the recipe, click “Save”.

15. In the recipes list page, clicking the eye button next to the recipe will allow you to view it.

16. Click this button to edit anything on the recipe.

17. Click this button to delete the recipe. Please note, if you have included this recipe in any parcels, you will not be able to delete it from this list.

After saving your recipe, this recipe can be added to any parcels that you create. This will automatically add the stock listed within the recipe to the parcel, and include any other details from the recipe on a packing slip for the family to scan as a QR code.